Spoiled to Perfection™


Spoiled to Perfection™ is a new, Sonoma County based web series, and my most recent social media project. The show is all about the fermentation industry in Sonoma County. When I first got involved with this project, I was really unaware of how massive and popular this industry really is, and how Sonoma County is a mecca for food and beverage preservation.

I was originally brought on to manage social media, but my role has developed into something much bigger. In addition to managing the online promotion of the show, I am blogging and producing video for our website. My blog is all about my journey of discovery. I am tasting foods I’ve never had before and learning how my favorite drinks are made, like craft beer and kombucha. I am lucky enough to wander through the most beautiful county in all of California to interview and hang out with some of the coolest, creative and innovative people who are doing some pretty amazing things with food alchemy, with my trusty videographer by my side capturing it all.
Stay tuned for new videos and blogs!