North Coast Organic Apple Products

North Coast Organic Waffles with Apple Sauce

I’ve been working with North Coast Organic for a year now and I am so proud to help market such amazing, healthy, and honest products. North Coast Organic produces unfiltered organic apple juices, sauces, and apple cider vinegar. All of their products are Non-GMO, no sugar added, and made with only US grown apples.

Photo by Dan Quinones

Their relationships with the apple growers in Sonoma County go back decades and their quest for healthy products that taste great are just a few reasons I feel so good about sharing their story. Not to mention, the people behind the brand are passionate and kind!

Not only have we been growing their Facebook page and blog, I’ve learned how to bake with applesauce! It’s a great substitute when you want to make vegan recipes. Lately, I’ve been really into making applesauce waffles; a recipe inspired by one of our favorite bloggers, Michelle Smith of The Whole Smiths blog.

Working with a brand like North Coast Organic has made me rethink my approach to content creation and my quest for new clients whose products or business align with my values.

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Video Dominates Marketing

Your story is key.

Your story is why you started your business, why you’re passionate about what you do, and the reason why you believe a customer should buy your product or service over another. 

So how do you plan to share your story? Sure, you’ve got the “About” section on your website. You’ve probably got a bit of copy right at the top of your home page; a one-liner that perfectly encompasses your brand culture. 

No one is reading it. I know, it’s hard to hear, but no one is reading it. Why? 

People are lazy and distracted and it’s only getting worse.

They don’t have time to read descriptions and product services.

Show your ideal customer why they love your brand. Don’t make them read about it because they won’t. 

5 Reasons Video Content Marketing Dominates in 2017:

  1. Video consumption accounts for more than 70% of internet traffic and is projected to reach 80% by 2018. Can your brand afford not to be a part of that 70%? Can your brand compete with the level of quality production being shared? 
  2. Having product/brand video on your website can increase conversion by 80%. Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product bought it.
  3. Trust is the foundation of conversion and sales, and trust between a brand and a consumer is built through provoking emotion in a well-crafted video. 57% of consumers say they are more confident and more likely to make a purchase online after seeing video content marketing from that brand.
  4. Videos improve your SEO. Google loves video. Video content ensures consumers will spend more time on your site. The longer one spends on your site, the more Google likes your site. We all want Google to like our site. You are 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of a relevant search if you have a video embossed on your site. 
  5. Quality beats quantity. Why hire a production company when the guy who works in accounting makes YouTube videos on the side and is “really good!”? Hiring a professional production company instead of a one man show is like hiring a butcher over the meat clerk. You get what you pay for, and in 2017 your are competing for people’s attention like never before. 

TAR Productions does an excellent job of explaining why hiring a production company is the smart decision HERE

Looking for a Production Company in Sonoma County? Contact me at

Social Media Content For Realtors

If you’re in real estate, you ‘re engaged on social media.  However, coming up with original content ideas for your editorial calendar can be challenging and time-consuming. There are many online sources for sharing content that is available to you, but there is no substitute for sharing original content.

Here are a few ideas to keep on hand for those rare moments when you have time to fill your bank of content.


  • Selling Tips: Provide your followers with tips on how to improve their home before they put it on the market. You can also share ideas on how to style during open houses. “Showing your home this weekend? Improve your aesthetics by hiding everyday items like remotes, litter boxes, and toys. Add houseplants and fold blankets neatly to make your home feel welcoming.”table-white-home-interior


  • Tour the Area: Help showcase the city you live in to entice buyers. Show them the lifestyle of your town using video and photos. Take a flattering foodie photo while you’re at your favorite restaurant in the area or talk about the school districts. “Just one of the perks of living in the Napa Valley: gourmet food on every block!”pexels-photo-64208


  • Welcome Newcomers: Congratulate new buyers on their purchase and welcome them to the community (with their permission of course). “John and Terri just got the keys to their new house. Welcome to town, we’re glad you’re here!” pexels-photo-173430


  • Be a Community Leader: Did something exciting or important happen in town? Let your followers know. Notify the community of a new local business opening or a local school’s achievement. “Have you been down to Contemporary Clothing, the newest shop in town? The owners are big city fashion designers turned small town business owners. Come support local business this weekend!”  pexels-photo-26549


  • Share Homeowners’ Tips, DIY project ideas, and Pinterest hacks: Provide your followers with useful tips on how to improve their home. “Add a few teaspoons of vanilla extract and a cinnamon stick to an oven safe dish and heat on low for a couple hours. It will fill your home with a delicious fragrance!”  pexels-photo-213162


  • Share Local History: Give your followers a quick history lesson about your area. You might even provide locals with something they didn’t know! “Did you know that the first business to open on Main Street was a seamstress shop in 1902?” pexels-photo-111147

*Use your own images and video content, unless you are sharing and giving credit to someone else’s work. If you are in need of a stock photo, make sure to check the licensing on the photo for permissions.