I’m An Addict


My obsession with fermentation is growing too large for my kitchen. My countertops are now full of mason jars, pickling and fermenting all kinds of stuff and things! Kombucha, pickles, jalape├▒os, garlic and more. I just recently found a recipe for pickled avocado chunks! (MIND BLOWN!) I can’t stop. I am writing this as a warning to all the interested parties out there who may be considering some DIY fermentation. It is an addiction. And kombcuha is the gateway drug. But if you’re going to get hooked on something, this is really the healthiest and tastiest addiction I’ve ever had. I’ve started to drive my friends and family crazy, shoving fermented goods in their face and telling everyone that kombucha heals all. Stomach ache? Drink some booch! Sore throat? Kombucha! Low self esteem? You should probably have some more booch. I see no end in sight. I’ve fallen deep down the rabbit hole a I do not want to be saved.

Want to watch me fail miserably at my first time ferment attempts? Check out my video segments from my Fermentation Blog, Spoiled In Sonoma:

You Might Be A Hippie If….


Due to my recent involvement┬áin the fermentation industry, I have been consuming a ton of fermented foods. I even got my hands on some scoby and am attempting to make my own kombucha. I know. Who have I become? I guess I always knew I was a hippy, I just didn’t know how bad it was.

food photo

I went to The Backyard in Forestville, CA on Friday to indulge in their chefs’ obsession with fermentation. They serve kefir soda on tap! I started with a pickled platter, full of house fermented vegetables. The fermented trumpet mushrooms may have been the greatest thing I’ve ever eaten.

I also recently tried tempeh a month ago, so I had to order the local tempeh items on the menu, like the tempeh rueben and the tempeh scramble. I have to admit, I was glad there were such delicious sauces on the dishes. Sometimes tempeh has a bitterness to it that’s hard to get past.


My one glass of kefir soda wasn’t quite enough, so I headed to The Kefiry in Sebastopol after lunch to bring some bottles home. That place is amazing. Stop by sometime and go through their kefir tasting and let the experts teach you about kefir.

*DO not get kefir confused with kombucha. Kombucha is a great hangover cure, kefir is not! I learned that the hard way.