Spoiled In Sonoma: Vlogs

Photo Courtesy Of Spoiled To Perfection 1

I am learning new things everyday, and I’m pretty excited about the filming and editing that I’ve done so far for Spoiled To Perfection! Here is a collection of videos that I have directed, shot and edited so far this year. They are getting better as I go, and I know I have a long way to go but I’m proud of what I’ve learned in the last 2 months.

No Talkie Before Coffee

small coffee

My Spoiled To Perfection adventures have led me to discover the wonders of coffee. Of course, I was thrilled to find out that coffee beans are fermented. But I also wanted to know why humans are so obsessed with our coffee and why we “LITERALLY” can’t live without it! So I went straight to the source and sat down with the folks in charge of production at my two favorite local coffee roasters, Taylor Maid Organic Coffee and Tea, and Flying Goat Coffee. Darren O’Brien, who happens to be one of my closest friends, my ex-roommate and ex-band mate, is also the head of production at Taylor Maid. Darren walked me through the “cupping” process and we tasted two different styles of coffee that have been processed in both the “washed,” and “natural” methods. Check out the video below and read the article at Spoiled To Perfection.

Coffee + Beer = Sonoma County


Once again, I am reminded of why I live in Sonoma County, and why I love my community. Yesterday, I was able to spend the morning with my very good friend, Darren O’Brien, who also happens to be head of production at Taylor Maid Farms Organic Coffee & Tea. Darren and I have been friends for nearly a decade. We’ve been roommates and band mates and I consider him family. Not only is he a talented musician and song writer, he’s a master roaster and educated coffee buyer for TMF.

DSC_0083          DSC_0078

I met with Darren yesterday morning in the coffee bar of TMF in The Barlow, in Sebastopol. If you’ve never been to The Barlow, you must! We had coffee and then wandered over to Woodfour Brewing Company across the street where we met Seth Wood, owner and brewer. Darren and Seth have been collaborating for a while now on coffee and beers with each other’s creative influences.


I am proud to know them both, and proud of both of these Sonoma County brands. Woodfour is dedicated to supporting local farms, making wild yeast beers and giving impeccable service. Taylor Maid Farms stays focused on bringing sustainable coffee beans into their facilities and encourage their customers to reduce, reuse, and recycle, offering discounts to those who bring in their old coffee cans and refill.

Sonoma County is thriving on culture, creative freedom and flavor. To experience this for yourself, wander over to The Barlow!