Watch my new video series from Spoiled To Perfection, featuring Jennifer Harris as we make our way through some fermented recipes including cocktails, appetizers, skin care and more! 



Explore business profile videos and vlogs that I’ve shot and edited for local business:


Taylor Maid Organic Coffee and Tea:


The Kefiry Beverage Company, Sebastopol, CA:


SpiritWorks Distillery:


Behind The Scene’s of Spoiled To Perfection:



Explore video projects I’ve done throughout the years, both in front of and behind the camera:

“GHOST” a short film by Caitlin Bond Murray

“GHOST” from Brett Mazurek on Vimeo.

This is a short film directed by my beautiful friend Caitlin Bond Murray, edited by 3rdi and guaranteed to stimulate some emotion. Enjoy. -3rdi

SPOILED IN SONOMA: A Fermentation Blog from Spoiled To Perfection

THE HOUSE ON THE HILL is the story of an aging rock star who moves out of Beverly Hills and buys a secluded and ghostly old mansion in the countryside. While trying to lead a tranquil new life, he soon discovers that when he isn’t coping with the antics of his beautiful, yet mischievous housemates; he spends the rest of his time trying to contend with the mansion’s dysfunctional staff, supernatural entities and creepy neighbors from the village below.

“The Quiet Life” Episode 1 of House On The Hill from Crowhaven on Vimeo.

Original 1-hour pilot remastered and updated into two 30-minute episodes.

“Maid in the Shade” Episode 2 of House On The Hill from Crowhaven on Vimeo.

Miranda unleashes trouble into the mansion. Cassandra the new housekeeper settles in a little too comfortably.

“One For The Money” Episode 3 of House On The Hill from Crowhaven on Vimeo.

“One For The Money” – Episode 3 of House On The Hill
Bartholomew Tucker leaves his earthen grave. Vince’s new agent starts his trip up to the mansion. and the town’s welcoming committee pay the mansion a visit. Tiffany comes up with an idea that Vince doesn’t like.

“Two For The Show” Episode 4 of House On The Hill from Crowhaven on Vimeo.

Kyle encounters a young ghost on his way up to the mansion. Vince gets a visit from the village welcoming committee. Bart the zombie causes havoc in town.

“The Lady of the House” Episode 5 of House On The Hill from Crowhaven on Vimeo.

“The Lady of the House” – Episode 5 of House On The Hill
Kyle has an encounter with one of the mansion’s ghosts. Vince hires a ghost hunter to investigate. Tiffany’s cousin Tabitha arrives and settles in. Miranda sends the zombie out on a mission to do her dirty work.

“Something Wicked…” Episode 6 of House On The Hill from Crowhaven on Vimeo.

The girls go to extreme measures to find out why Vince has suddenly become so reclusive. Bart the zombie continues his journey up the hill to the mansion only to encounter the road’s little sentry.

Spoiled to Perfection™ focuses on how pickling, fermentation and other culinary alchemy enhance the flavor and the nutritional value of raw foods in amazing and unexpected ways.

STP will be shot principally in Sonoma County, known world-wide for its wide variety of artisanal foods. Stretching from Mendocino in the north to Marin to the south, the county teems with entrepreneurs making wine, craft beer, cider and spirits. Countless kitchens bustle with everyone from professional chefs to home cooks exploring the mysteries of pickled, fermented, spiced, aged and dried foods.”




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