Champagne Is Always The Answer | Sparkling Wine Tasting at CIA Copia

When you truly have a love affair with sparkling wine, like I do, there is nothing better than the warm fuzzy feeling after your first few sips, the bubbles, the flutes, the colors. It’s like magic.

But it’s not magic, it’s fermentation, which happens to be one of my favorite things to talk about. If you want to know more about my obsession with fermentation, visit my fermentation foodie blog at Spoiled In Sonoma.


I’ve been having a blast attending tastings and classes at the new CIA Copia, but it will be hard to top this most recent one: Global Champagne Day Tasting.

The host of this educational tasting was Domaine Chandon’s winemaker, Pauline Lhote.


Pauline grew up in Champagne and lives and breathes sparkling wine. She is a true advocate for drinking sparkling at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with steak, chicken, fish, and dessert. Lhote got her hands on experience at world famous Champagne house, Moet & Chandon.

Pauline then wanted an international experience and set her sights on Domaine Chandon in the Napa Valley, the first French-owned sparkling wine house in California. Pauline has been working at Domaine Chandon since 2006.


She was a captivating host for this tasting. They way in which she described Méthode Traditionnelle made it seem truly romantic and it didn’t hurt that we were tasting some fantastic wines while she spoke.

We tasted four wines from both houses:

Chandon Sparking Rose-Non Vintage-fruity, fresh, and light

Chandon Étoile Brut- Aged 5 years-toasted bread, baked apple, cream

Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut-Aged 1-3 yearscitrus, minerals, floral

Moet & Chandon Champagne Brut Grand Vintage 2006-Aged 7 years-toasted bread, pastry, cream

Check out the most recent Moët & Chandon commercial:

I find the process of making Champagne truly fascinating.  While this video isn’t quite as romantic as the one Pauline showed us, it’s a fairly accurate depiction of what happens in Champagne houses.

Interested in attending an event at CIA Copia? Click here to see the schedule.


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