Sonoma County Restaurant Week

Sonoma County Restaurant Week (March 7th-March 13th) is a great opportunity for locals and visitors to experience the superior culinary masterpieces that our restaurant chefs create, at an affordable price. Most participating restaurants will offer a prefixed menu for both lunch and dinner, ranging from $19-$39 per person.

k&l chicken sandwich

If you couldn’t already tell, I am obsessed with Sonoma County food and think that our chefs are geniuses. My favorite chefs are the ones who share my passion for fermented and pickled foods. So in celebration of SCRW, I gathered a list of my favorite restaurants where you canĀ find preserved food forĀ Spoiled To Perfection, a local food web series and online resource for all things fermented, pickled and more!

Read the full list here:

Sonoma County Restaurant Week

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