Thanksgiving In Wine Country


Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I have finally emerged from my food and wine induced coma to share photos of my family and friends gatherings from the last week. My biggest accomplishments this holiday were that I made pies for the first time ever, (gluten-free and dairy-free) and that my cousin and I managed to drink several bottles of wine, including a giant magnum of prosecco. The more wine we drink, the less wine there is out there in the world for the kids to get their hands on. We do it for the kids.



I have had 5 Thanksgiving meals this past week thanks to all the “Friendsgiving” gatherings and multi-family meals, including leftovers of course. I got to catch up with old friends over coffee and bloody marys, while laughing at the thought of actually attending our ten year high school reunion this past weekend. That’s a big “NOPE” for me.

On Friday, we had dinner at Press, in Saint Helena with close friends. I went through the wine closet before we left to choose a bottle for dinner and found a ’94 Cab from Freemark Abbey, covered in dust and just begging to be consumed. It turns out that bottle was one of the first wines anyone ever gave my family when we moved to the Wine Country over 20 years ago. It seems like we lay down bottles and save them for special occasions only to be forgotten. What’s more special than dinner with close friends and family?!


To conclude, I have over eaten, over indulged, and am not looking forward to detoxing and dieting for the next few weeks, but it was totally worth it. I have the most kick-ass friends and family and I am so lucky I got to break bread with all of you.


Till next time


    1. Haha, I try and do my part. Lots of wine to drink again this year. I have a couple special bottles set aside for this very occasion. What are your plans for Thanksgiving Ryan?

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