Urban Garden Therapy

IMG_9618 (1)It’s not news that gardening is good for you. People have been using gardening as a type of therapy long before I discovered it. I guess it took me so long to love it because I’ve never lived in a place that allowed me to do so. I am a serial apartment renter, thanks to the ridiculous rental market in Sonoma County. My conditions haven’t changed. I still rent a small apartment downtown. I still have no yard, just a small patio cluttered with a variety of pots growing succulents, spider plants and more. But taking care of this little collection of plants has brought me a lot of peace and relaxation. I’ve actually ditched friends just to go home and water because I truly enjoy the 20 min break in my day to just be on the patio. Watching something grow is special, whether it’s a plant, a relationship, or a career. What I’ve enjoyed the most is learning how to take clippings from my favorite plants and grow them again for others. Most of my “garden” is from clippings from others as well, so it’s nice to pass it on.

IMG_9616 (1)

One of the best parts of living in Sonoma County is the access we have to incredible nurseries. I love Imwalle Gardens, King St. Nursery, California Carnivores and Urban Tree Farm. My “garden” is a constant work in progress, which is what I love most about it! If you haven’t taken up garden therapy yet, don’t let space limit you. I have plants growing on almost every surface. On the front porch, chairs, over the sink, in my book shelf and more. I promise it will make you feel good.

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